The Skills Development Fund (SDF) has beend proposed to establish for the future and welfare of poor and vulnerable youth by providing access to skills training in inoovative sectors of the highest standard and employability, so the can find sustainable employment and income generating oppurtunities in Local, National and Inetnational organizations.
The amount provided for Skills Development Fund will be as an Endowment and its objectives will be acheived through utilization of the profit accured on this Endowment. The profit from Fund will only be used for the payment of Tuition Fee and Boarding & Lodging. No expenditure can be incurred from this as administrative charges


The main objectives of the project are as follows;

i. Establishment of an endowment fund to support highly employable TVET Sector training programs
ii. Support and flourish activities to implement entrepreneurship
iii. Implementation of NVQF through Competency Based Training programs
iv. Initiate demand driven training programs in those trades that are not available in existing TVET infrastructure of AJ&K through out-sourcing at specialized Institutes of Pakistan
v. Reduce the pressure of unemployment and also improve the economy of the country by training the youth of AJ&K
vi. Training youth in ‘enterprise-based’ institutes those ensuring employability
vii. Fund will be an endowment, to be invested in financial institutions (Scheduled Banks and Bank of AJ&K) on the basis of highest profit rate and credit rating. The profit on investment will be utilized solely for skill development of the youth of AJ&K
viii. Selection of candidates will be done strictly on merit basis as well as District share
ix. The entire fees (Boarding/Lodging) to the selected institutes will be paid by the AJK-TEVTA from the profit accrued on Skill Development Fund
x. Selected candidates will be paid monthly stipend along-with boarding/lodging where required, from the skill development fund

Graphical Demonstration of Endowment Fund Batch-1

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