1. Assists in the development and the implementation of Accounting System to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and auditing procedures.
  2. Prepares financial status reports and studies as needed.
  3. Posts financial transactions including transfer, deposits and journals. Determines and posts closing entries as fiscal year end.
  4. Prepared financial record for annual auditing and reporting purpose.
  5. Monitor and maintains appropriate bank balances, reconciles. General ledger accounts.
  6. Maintains accurate accounting of financial aid and scholarship programs.
  7. Reconciles bank statements and researches and resolves discrepancies.
  8. Function as the primary contact for external flscal audits.
  9.  May act as a lead worker to other staff in the department.
  10. Assists in the preparation of normal budget for the financial year.
  11. Assists in the preparation of budget breakup for districts.
  12. Assist in reconciliation of financial statement with Accountant General Office.
  13. Preparation of budget for the Creation of posts at head office and districts level as and when required.
  14. Seeking approval for normal budget.
  15. Seeking approval for self finance scheme.