1. Preparation & verification of PC-1 for new & revised schemes/projects.
  2. Preparation & verification of PC-III, PC-IV & PC-V for new & revised schemes/projects.
  3. Preparation & verification of annual plan of operations (APOs) of ongoing development schemes.
  4. Preparation & verification of data for ADP allocation & Projection for next five years.
  5. Preparation of strategic planning for next 10 to 15 years.
  6. Initiate & verified case for releases of development funds from P&DD, Finance & Secretariat Industries.
  7. Preparation & verification of project proposal on prescribed proforma of Planning & Development Department.
  8. Preparation & verification of Project Proposals for Foreign funded projects and submitted them to Planning & development Department.
  9. Monitoring of development schemes & TEVTA institutions.
  10. Preparation & verification of Review Reports & Cash/Work Plan of development schemes.
  11. Initiate & verified case for creation of posts & renewal of posts approved in PC-1.
  12. Initiate case for procurement of tools machinery, furniture & equipment.
  13. Preparation of bidding document for procurement.
  14. Preparation of monitoring reports of ongoing projects.
  15. Responsible for submission of different letters, reports & proposals in time to Planning & Development Department.
  16. Preparation & verification of comprehensive cases for Finance Department for shifting of development schemes on normal budget.